entrance exams

As the course is run in Tenerife, a considerable distance from mainland Spain, two sets of entrance tests are held: one in Tenerife, where the course is taught, and another in Madrid. Applicants must choose to sit their exam EITHER in Tenerife OR Madrid.

Applicants must possess excellent command of Spanish and English and at least one other language.


The aptitude test lasts around three hours and consists of four parts:

  • Personal interview: short individual interview, in which candidates are asked to explain their reasons for wanting to study the masters, and questions concerning their academic and professional background.
  • Memory test: this consists of two speeches in each of the candidates’ foreign languages, which candidates must then reproduce in their mother tongue from memory, without the aid of notes, respecting structure and content wherever possible. This test assesses aspects that pinpoint a person’s capacity for acquiring interpreting techniques: comprehension of the foreign language, command of the mother tongue, communicative capacity, short-term memory potential, distinction between primary and secondary information and discourse analysis, among others.
  • General knowledge test: this consists of a series of questions about the current political and economic affairs of the countries of the candidates’ working languages, in addition to historical events of particular significance.
  • *Sight translation: candidates are required to make a sight translation of texts from language C to language A, which is particularly useful for assessing those candidates whose knowledge of the foreign language may not suffice.


Retour aptitude tests are prepared for candidates who specifically request these during the entrance exams. However, normally retour aptitude tests are delivered only to successful candidates once the academic course has started.

Results of the entrance exams are emailed to candidates approximately 10 working days following the final day of examinations.



The enrolment period for the entrance exams opens 01 January 021 and ends 12th June 2021.
The entrance exams will be held in Tenerife and Madrid in June 2021. Candidates must choose whether to attend in Tenerife OR Madrid.

  • Tenerife : June, 2021
  • Madrid : June, 2021

Exact dates and locations to be confirmed closer to the date.