institutional collaboration

The MIC maintains close ties with the European Institutions, particularly with one of the bodies entrusted with the provision of interpreting within the EU: the Directorate General for Interpretation (DG SCIC). This collaboration is continuous and takes the following form:


Teaching assistance

The European Parliament and the European Commission send us staff  interpreters for the purposes of teaching support,


Virtual Classes Project

The DG SCIC (CE) and the DG INTE (EP) organise a series of classes via videoconference during the academic year.

The MIC also collaborates closely with other members of the EMCI, and with others schools that have applied to join the consortium.


Student visits to European institutions

Once a year, students pay a week-long visit to the European Commission and Council, the European Parliament, and the European Court of Justice as part of the teaching assistance programme organised by the DG SCIC Spanish booth.

Students attend a series of talks on the European Court of Justice, the general functioning of the DG SCIC and the Speech Repository. They meet their corresponding heads of booth, and participate in real meetings, practising “dummy booth” with several DG Interpretation staff interpreters who listen to their performance and offer advice. In addition, students also participate in a simulation of the interinstitutional test for freelance interpreters. This extraordinarily well-planned initiative is much appreciated by the students as it gives them the chance to practise a good number of hours in live meetings and familiarise themselves with the reality of interpreting in the EU.

Travel costs for participating in the study trip are covered by participating students.



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Partnership Agreements

ORCIT (Online Resources for Conference Interpreter Training)


Member of  ‘Centros y Departamentos de Traducción e Interpretación’ (CCDUTI).