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PRE-ENROLMENT PERIOD FOR ACADEMIC COURSE 2022-2023 (deadline 12/06/2022)


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Welcome to the Masters in Conference Interpreting at the Universidad de La Laguna. Founded in 1988, this pioneering postgraduate course specializes in training conference interpreters in both consecutive and simultaneous techniques. On this website you will find detailed information on the course and how to apply.

Over the course of 30 years of training we have gained the trust and recognition of our partners and collaborators, prestigious international institutions and numerous former students who are practising professionales in the European Commission, the European Parliament, the United Nations, and other international organizations. We are also a proud member of the European Masters in Conference Interpreting Consortium (EMCI).

The European Commission (Directorate General for Interpretation – SCIC) and the European Parliament collaborate in the training of our students by offering pedagogic assistance. Thanks to this pedagogic assistance, received in the form of virtual and taught classes over the course of the academic year and assessment in the final exams, our students are able to receive direct feedback from experienced professionals who work for the European institutions.

This course is eminently practical in nature and it aimed at acquiring the competencies needed by those wishing to work as professional conference interpreters. Once qualified, MIC graduates will possess the necessary interpreting techniques required by both international organizations and private markets, which is fluent, efficient and accurate interpretations that are faithful to the original and precise in terms of terminology and register.