ORCIT materials are intended to introduce and allow for basic practice in interpreting skills and techniques.


The Speech Repository is an e-learning tool developed by DG Interpretation to help improve the quality of conference interpreter training.

This vast collection of speeches, on varying subjects and with different styles, contains real-life speeches which have been collected from national institutions and international organisations. It also contains recordings of training material, i.e. speeches delivered by experienced EU interpreters and university trainers. These speeches are tailored specifically to the needs of student interpreters for practice in consecutive and simultaneous modes and are adapted to the different stages of their training path.

The Speech Repository covers all 24 official EU languages, the languages of the Candidate Countries, plus Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

SCIC Train

A new virtual video library on conference interpreter training offered by DG SCIC interpreter/trainers, designed and produced by Lourdes de Rioja, an accredited freelance interpreter teaching at the University of La Laguna.

Interpretime Bank :

InterpretimeBank is an online community for professional interpreters and interpreting students. It was created in August 2014 by a group of former classmates who wanted to create a network of professional interpreters working worldwide, to foster knowledge exchange and to have a platform that could be used as a life-long learning tool.

A Word In Your Ear :

Lourdes de Rioja, freelance interpreter and videographer, talks about all aspects of Conference Interpreting.

The Interpreter Diaries :

The Interpreter Diaries blog takes readers through the different phases of an interpreter’s life and work, sharing details on everything from preparation for post-graduate training to entering the profession and beyond. It explores the journey all new interpreters take, from those first hesitant steps as students until they become established in the profession – and stops at many interesting places on the way.

Bootheando :

Bootheando es un blog escrito por una intérprete de conferencias que pretende hablar del mundo de la interpretación y del de la agricultura y ciencias afines desde el punto de vista del que está al otro lado del cristal.

Libros :

Ildikó HORVÁTH, Malgorzata TRYUK, Alina PELEA (2017) Interpreting Through History. Rielma International Review of Studies in Applied modern Languages, Special Review 2017. (Publicación EMCI)

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  • IATE. Banco de términos multilingüe de la Comisión Europea.
  • Lexicool (diccionarios de latín jurídico y administrativo)

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